From working with hundreds of organizations for more than 17 years, we have deep insights well as well-honed blood-hound skills that has helped us in coming out with a holistic Leadership development program.

These programs will; expose you to new ways of thinking, challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone,  and help you build relationships that will last a lifetime

Our unique set of MDP’s EDP’s and LDP’s are based on the following principles

  • Participants should take responsibility for their learning and development
  • Learning is more effective if insights are interleaved with real world practice.
  • Real world practice is more successful if on-going support can be provided.
  • Participants should be provided with the ability to customize the learning experience to suit their individual needs and circumstances


Phase I
In the early part of the program (approx. 6 weeks) the main focus is on participants understanding their capabilities and development needs:

Phase II
Based on the reflections from Phase I, the participants will engage in various interventions that will provide them with the necessary insights, knowledge and tools.

Phase III
The final, and most important, phase is where participants demonstrate their capabilities. This will mainly be via a carefully co-created project