Our team building programs are designed with purpose. Every single participant (be it the CEO or the driver) will be engaged. We address real tough business problems through activities/ experiences and cognitive challenges and we bring in the “wow” factor.

361 Degrees is the country’s premier provider of world class team building and custom experiences.  With over 17 years of experience, for more than 1425 teams and 125,000 participants we have redefined the art of team building. We have many options to cater to the situation, location, group and objectives. Whether it’s about Improving trust, empathy, interdependence, breaking silos, camaraderie, appreciation, we offer an assortment of adventure to board games targeted at anyone from CXO to a factory worker. We will customize according to your requirement: whether its indoor/ outdoor activities, at our/ your location, physically/mentally stretching, day/night, couple of hours/ multiple days, 5/ 1000 people, we have got it all.

With our experience over the years, we have divided our product offering to 2 main categories based on the requirement of the customer.

  • 361 Signature
  • 361 Adventure

is the most sort after intervention of ours. It is definitely more than just a team building training program. With our holistic approach of in depth preprogram need identification, custom designed solutions by our own design club, on program delivery coupled with highly impactful Video debriefing technique and most importantly post program follow up, we will assure you that we will produce definitive results exceeding your expectations.

believes in creating a fun team building and team bonding experience for your department or office. Come and experience the true sense of adventure and adrenalin as you and your team mates push your limits and make some memories. We have some amazing activities ranging from white water rafting, to trekking to rock climbing to many more to give you that wholesome adventure experience that you have been looking for!

Two things that we do not compromise on any of our programs are the safety standards and delivery quality of our own Facilitators.

The very fact that 63% of our customers are repeat customers exemplifies our promise of Impact, Reliability and Freshness in each and every intervention we do.

Check few of our most popular programs below. If you don’t find the specific programme you’re looking for, speak to one of our team members. We’d love to work on something unique with you