Our comprehensive suite of interventions is uniquely designed and delivered in our unique approach.  In any of our skill enhancement programs, all concepts/theory would be introduced through brief activities (within the training room), case studies, group discussions and polls (using ARS).  Our tailor-made approach will effectively and efficiently meet the specific training needs of your people and organization

Check few of our most popular programs below. If you don’t find the specific programme you’re looking for, speak to one of our team members. We’d love to work on something unique with you



Thinking out of the box is a term that has been around for eons. The problem is that when you start thinking out of one box you are in most instances stuck inside another albeit bigger box. We prefer to remove all these boxes completely.

This program is designed to help people gain a broader understanding of how they already think creatively, and help develop their creative approach to think and innovate. It will explore approaches to ensure that their most useful thoughts are translated into practical plans and effective behaviors. It covers everything from thinking creatively around the vision, to possible stages of planning and finally communicating the vision to others.


Business is war, and you need to negotiate to win. The “Military Approach to Negotiation” is a program that focuses on the specific tactics that the participants can utilize as they participate in negotiations. This program will allow participants to identify what their personal approaches to conflict resolution are as well as how they can incorporate numerous military tactics to complement their negotiation methods.

The program discusses topics like; what is negotiation, Kraybills Conflict Management Styles, Military Tactics in Negotiation, and goes on to activities where participants practically use what they learned during previous modules. This program is a 1 day program of 6-7 hours.


How do you organize your work? How do you organize your agenda? Do you stick to it or do you run after it? Do you from time to time have the feeling that the work has caught up with you and that you are being guided by the red taillights of priorities and obligations? And what’s about your private life? You are not the only one!

While everyone acknowledges the value of time, not everyone is able to square the circle. Most of the modern-day executives are faced with this gripping reality of making the “right” choice with them and others. With our experience in conducting programs for 13 years, we have distilled the Essential skills needed to become a better time managed individual. The program is unique as it will bring more than 10 – 15 routine practical scenarios as examples to help the participant’s realize the concepts and will help you to focus on your highest priorities, manage your work effectively to bring in optimum results, to balance your work, home and personal agendas.


“Building Champions” is a 2-day nonresidential (12 – 14 Hours) Supervisory/Managerial skills development program that focuses to level up attitude, skills and competencies of supervisors/managers at work. The program is based on the experiential learning methodologies and thus involve activities, role plays and other indirect methods for the facilitation. Following are some of the learning objectives on this program;

  • Establish effective work relationships, trust and mutual respect
  • Understand and control emotions for positive work relationships
  • Improve communication skills (Speaking/Listening) and eliminate perception issues
  • Educating on assertive behaviors and different leadership styles


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In theatre and in life, there are no one man shows. Our interactions with co-players/workers mirror our self-confidence and comfort zones which are vital to achieve the desired end results in both personal and professional lives.

How well do your employees communicate with other staff? Do they say what they mean and mean what they say? How much time do you spend dealing with problems due to poor verbal and/or written communication? If you are a talent development professional worried about these issues, this is the program that can help your employees to develop high level communication skills to use with both colleagues and customers that will ultimately contribute to increased productivity and improved relationships within the company and with customers.


Enjoy it or not, presenting is usually a part of business. Whether you get up in front of formal audiences on a regular basis, or you simply must make your voice heard in a meeting, you’re using presentation skills. Unfortunately, however many of us make the mistake of confusing between a good speaker (Toastmaster etc.) and a good business presenter. Each of the disciplines, while having areas that do cross over, also have several critical areas that are uniquely their own.  With our experience in conducting programs for 13 years, we have distilled the Essential in-depth tips needed to become a better accepted presenter.

This training will help participants overcome their stage fright. The key word is ‘preparation’. They will learn how to confidently give effective and captivating presentations, getting and keeping the sincere attention and interest of their audience. They will learn to ask themselves a number of essential questions beforehand, so they can say afterwards: ‘I was able to deliver the presentation I prepared and looking back I have done a good job’


Front line leadership is the leadership Lesson from Army small team operations for the corporate sector

“A vital strategy used by the Sri Lankan armed forces in their victory over one of the world’s most ruthless terrorist organizations was the army’s deployment of small teams to the front, in stark contrast to conventional tactics. This unique strategy leveraged leadership behaviors that made the Small Team much more than the sum of the individuals, resulting in a disproportionate impact on the enemy”

This program uses the 6 TACTICS model, derived from the game changing behaviors of the army’s small team operation, to inspire a First Time Right mentality, better productivity, increased sales, amazing customer service and a never say die attitude from your front line staff.


It is a challenge for First time managers to adapt to their new roles with the transition of leadership to manage teams. Leadership foundation is therefore to help first time managers to understand Leadership Basics and skill to be a better leader.

The program starts from the stories on Evolution of the concept of leadership and goes to on discuss about building blocks of self-leadership, Character to connect with, circle of influence, Competence to contribute, etc. to transform Leadership according a carefully planned thought process.

“Leadership Foundation” could be delivered as a 1 day workshop or as several coaching sessions spread over weeks


Leadership next is for senior manager and ExCo. This program inspire the participants to enhance their “work mentality” beyond the traditional operational managerial perspectives and Help them “unlearn” some of the fixed perspective about “how a business is managed”, about their roles, work processes and colleagues

This program bring practical scenarios and examples to suggest “next practices” in management and leadership and equip with the perspectives to co-create foundation for the next level of growth of the organization


The Art of Winning is a unique one-day experience that will motivate the participants to navigate their minds through a journey of self-discovery.

This journey has been carefully constructed to bring to the surface the key aspects of:

  • Going for a winning mindset
  • Finding the fuel to create internal motivation
  • Harvesting your energy to be a value creating personality
  • Becoming a ‘High Rev’ Team


“Customer Service Excellence” Program aims to create a positive customer service culture by understanding the expectations of the customers, going the extra mile, being a customer advocate by applying behaviors of helpfulness, genuine interest, and respect which moves customers from hostile or ambivalent toward supportive and enthusiastic.

The program is designed for employees who interact with customers at all levels to help them enhance their service competence to deliver “YOU ASK, WE LISTEN” and bring in long-term sustainable customer partnerships. While most customer care programs focus only on meeting customers face to face, this program focuses on every ‘moment of truth’ a frontline employee faces in their workday.


The Intimate Interpersonal Communication program is designed to help both individuals and groups to enrich existing relationships as well as establish new ones by creating a safe space to offer, explore and experiment with independent ideas to discover innovative internal/external communication solutions.

The program is an interactive one day experience that help participants to Determine their communication style , Develop strategies for interacting with different communication styles, Identify and use conflict resolution styles appropriate for different situations using practical examples, activities and relating to the day to day work examples at own office