Well basically during the last two days I observed and looked at my subordinates in a different roles which I could not have seen them in  office environment. I watched them taking decisions, leading, taking passive roles, engaging in team work in different capacities which gave me a good insight about them which I would not have got even if I worked with this team for 3 to 4 years…. In that context I really believe that this is really good for people in the decision making and having to lead teams to get a better understanding of their team and my sincere belief is that they will go back to work and adopt and use what they have learned here and put it into practice in the commercial environment and if we can do that, I believe that 2 days that we spent is really worth it……

Mr Tharaka Ranwala

AGM Marketing and Deposits
Sampath Bank PLC

As a company we place a lot of focus on developing our people, and a key part of this is through structured training programmes that help our people unleash their potential. 361 Degrees has played a significant role in supporting us to develop inspiring leaders within our teams. We congratulate them on achieving this milestone and look forward to continuing our long standing partnership to train and develop our people.

Ms Dinusha Jayamanne

Director of Human Resources
Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka

Magical leadership truly changed who am and is greatly responsible for my career growth. This program allowed me simply understand me and to see where I want to be. All activities well planned by Ruki and the team allowed me to have an immersion experience through this program. I’m,  to date thankful for three change ‘Magical Leadership’ brought to my life.

Mr Gamika De Silva

Chief Manager Marketing at Seylan Bank PLC
Former President Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing

It has been a fabulous experience and I really like the way and the thinking of the whole program was tailored to suit very real problems that we have….. in my experience also I have not worked this closely  with most of the people  and not to the extent of depend on them, trust them so much and work with them….. and lot of touch points that you all have suggested in your program reflect very real options and answers to problems that we face today and importantly it was done in a very interesting and creative way which I think is fantastic…. It is like a parable,  in Christianity you have parables which describes something very clearly, this has got that kind of parallel between the reality and what we have to do……. Thanks a lot…. Really appreciate it

Mr Russel Miranda

Creative Director
Grant McCann Erickson

Nothing really prepared us for this experience and thank you for all of you for facilitating it and actually inspiring us and motivating us and actually giving us a sense of belief that we can be the change we see. Thank you…

Ms Shirani Saunders

Director – Client Servicing
Grant McCann Erikson


Team Building

Unilever – dance Theatre/Music Video

We created a novel team experience for the Unilever Marketing team, getting them to choreograph and perform a fully fledged 20 minute dance theatre production, within a mere 24 hours. The team worked through the night rehearsing, preparing costumes and coordinating lights and sounds getting ready to perform their production. The experience was designed to help them come together while understanding that they are a team capable of achieving things that they perceive as impossible.

Fonterra – influencing vital behaviors

For Fonterra brands lanka limited as part of the professional development program, we conducted a series of 3 day programs for over 400 “blue collar” workers. The program was specifically designed and delivered to drive few key messages linked to their new values and focused behaviors The programs were delivered in 100% sinhala language and delivered through activities and examples that factory floor workers relate easily.


Dialog Axiata PLC

Dialog conducts an annual Corporate Managers Development Program (MDP)  to groom and select managers to a Senior Management role. We designed and delivered the leadership development, innovation, psychometrics and competency assessment (project based assessment where participants show evidence of next-level leadership competencies in a real-life project) components of the program since 2014.

Richard Pieris -Magical Leadership

Richard Peries Group commissioned us to develop and strengthen capabilities of 106 of their middle level managers across the subsidiaries ranging from Super Markets to Plantations. Our 12 month long blended intervention included an outdoor based unlearning experience, a 3 day intense classroom based training session, pre and post 360 evaluations, one-on-one coaching in three rounds and executing development oriented business projects

Measurements & Psychometrics

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut wanted to conduct a climate survey across all their employees, but conventional methods were impractical – only a few people had computer access, and paper based surveys were too laborious to administer. We executed the survey by visiting each location and using our ARS cards, where we were able to deliver a totally anonymous survey in less than 30 minutes.

MAS Akshaya

As part of the overall intervention was Extended DISC profiling for the leadership team – this allowed the team to understand how personality attributes were contributing to the challenges faced by the team, especially since the team had a high proportion of highly results-oriented go-getters (who do not tend to be “team players” in the commonly understood sense of the word). We were able to guide the team to recognizing specific behaviors and support each other to consciously avoid them.


The annual Leadership and Competency development session conducted for selected executives is a much anticipated and highly sought after program by CTC employees. 361 Degrees has been responsible for designing and delivering the LEAP initiative. The program is extremely comprehensive in that it involves participants completing a DISC personality profile, a 360 Degree survey, numerous skill building sessions as well as delivering a long terms project in order to practically apply their experiences and discover their personal flavors in implementing the same.